Website features for swim teams and clubs

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An Off the Blocks website gives your swim club:

  • Use of Off the Blocks software for the public pages of your website
    (see Web Page Modules)

  • Use of Members-Only Off the Blocks software and web pages (see Members Only)

  • Use of Off the Blocks basic website designs (currently there are over 1000). Note that it is easy to switch designs at any time, including a custom design! (see Design Options)

  • Use of Off the Blocks swimming content, such as definitions of swimming jargon; and useful documentation.

  • 5 GB of storage space for web pages, documents, pictures, and other items you want to include on your website (i.e., HTM/HTML, GIF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, PDF, and DOC and several other files types can be uploaded by default.) Need other file types?  Let us know and we'll turn on other options.  Need more space?  Shouldn't be a problem.

  • A URL (if you currently own a domain name or plan to buy one (e.g.,, you can use it too.


How your swimming club's website serves the swimmers...

All Off the Blocks websites have a login tab or navigation button. When you login, you will see a control panel available only to those who login. Exactly what a person sees depends on the access group a person is assigned to. There are three access groups:

Website Administrators (& Coaches)
Restricted Members

Website Administrators & Coaches 
will see something like the following (this is a cropped image of the control panel):

Note that the left side of the page provides:

Some status information about the website,
Surveys that can be responded to (one vote per member of website)
Part of the survey results of a recently completed survey (Note that you can have more surveys and survey results than appear in this example.)

On the right side of the page, are four groups of buttons:

  • Communication Tools:
Meet Signup is a page where swimmers and guardians can sign-in and sign-out of swim meets (until the deadline).
Message Board is a forum or discussion area.
Email / TXT Message is a powerful tool for sending emails and cell phone text messages.
  • Team Tools:
Forms and Docs is an collection of downloadable files that can be organized into folders or directories. We post helpful documentation and other documents here is a special directory you cannot delete.
Payment to Club is an online system for members to make payments to the team.
  • People Management Tools:
Groups: Email is an area for creating and editing email groups (e.g., swim groups, coaches, club officers, etc).
Groups: Swimming is an area for determining which swimmers are in which swim groups (btw, swimmers can be uploaded from Hytek's Team Manager).
Groups: Web Access is an area for defining who can edit the website and have access to People Management tools.
Guardian Requests is a section for processing parents and others who want to be able to make decisions for swimmers.
Meet Participants
are pages for viewing and printing which swimmers are going to which meets.
Upload Swim Groups is a tool for importing your team from Hytek Team Manager or other software.  In 2007, we added the option to upload guardians too!
  • Website Tools:
Add Pages - for creating new pages for your website.
Change Design - for selecting one of the free designs.
Edit Navigation - for adding, deleting, and changing labels on navigation tabs.
File Manager - for uploading pictures and other files from local computers to this website (file managing can also be done in-context).
Polls - for setting up new polls and viewing results of archived polls
Site Info - various information about the club and the website


Members can see:

Any posted polls (and if they are open they can vote ... 1 vote per member) and poll results (if you allow them to)
The first group of buttons - Communication Tools.
The second group of buttons - Team Tools.

They do not see the status information about the website or the other two groups of buttons.

Restricted Members -

You can choose to have a special group that cannot see everything that members can see. For example, you could block restricted members from having access to forms and docs or the discussion area. This option was created to limit access of young children.  Most clubs do not use this group type.


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