Off The Blocks Website Prices

Try it free for 30 days

You can try Off the Blocks free for 30 days.
(If you need more time to evaluate, let us know.)

A basic OFF THE BLOCKS website can be leased for $35/month.
There are no setup or other charges - except custom work you request.
(You can pay online through your website or you can mail us a check).
Sorry, but no discounts for paying more than a month at a time.

Year Round Swim Team
After the free trial, a basic OFF THE BLOCKS website is leased for $35/month and you can purchase up to 36 months at a time.

Summer or School Swim Team

OTB is very cost effective for teams that aren't year round. Summer swim teams, school teams, or other seasonal teams can have the website active for some months, then choose an inactive option for the off season

  • An inactive website cannot be edited.Visitors cannot see content. You can sign in and re-activate the site when you wish.  While it is inactive, there is no cost. 
  • Viewable, but not editable. This is an inexpensive way for you to allow visitors to view the site, but the site is not editable nor can you use the communication tools. The cost is $10/month.


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