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New Website Setup Instructions:

You can try out the system free for 30 days. If you need longer for evaluation, please contact us. Some coaches and clubs need longer and we understand that.

Before you begin, we strongly recommend you do the following:

Decide on a simple name for your website (e.g., nike, ysc, or swac). Note that all simple names are lower case (no capital letters) and no special keyboard symbols. Just in case you find that your first choice it is not available, please have a second choice in mind. This simple name is required for setup and is one of the few aspects of an Off the Blocks website that cannot be changed later.

Also have available the address and other contact information for your club – you will need it during the set up.

Please keep in mind that you can change the design, colors, and other aspects of your website any time you want. During setup you just need to make an initial choice,  just so you can try things out. Later you can make different choices, including changing to a custom design or using a design from your non-Off the Blocks website.

The setup process will create a simple two-page website for you, a members only area, and provide a link so you can go to the website. We recommend you login to the new website and look for the Help information...

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