Team Managers

Why Team Managers love Off the Blocks... Is getting everyone signed up for swim meets a hassle? OTB websites allow swimmers and their guardians to sign-up and sign-out from swim meets on the website. And because OTB websites strive to be compatible with Team Management software, it is easy to go from the website sign-up to your Team Manager Software. (We are currently working to improve compatibility with all Team Managers we have found.)


Why Coaches love Off the Blocks... Need to re-schedule a practice quickly? No need for a phone tree! From an OTB website, in seconds, you can send everyone an email message and/or a cell phone text message! Prefer to send a message from your phone? See Upgrades on the Features page

Club Officers

Why Club Officers love Off the Blocks... Need better communication? OTB websites have a special members-only area that includes an email/text messaging system, a discussion/forum area, polls, members-only documents downloads, and more so that parents, coaches, club officers, and others can communicate more effectively!


Why Webmasters love Off the Blocks... OTB website software gives you powerful tools that can save you time and let you have the features you want. And OTB websites can use your previous designs and layouts! Build member lists on your website from Hytek, Quick Books, and other software. (We are currently working to assure that the website can import and export sdif files.)

Swimmers, Parents & Fans

Why Swimmers, Parents, and Fans love Off the Blocks... You'll appreciate the stories, pictures, and the valuable information about swim meets, records, practice, and more.

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Off the Blocks provides several event calendars and you can use as many as you like.


Off the Blocks provides powerful tools for sending emails and text messages.

Easy editing

With Off the Blocks, it's easy to edit, add, or change pages of your site at any time.


Off the Blocks offers Meet Signup: a page where swimmers and guardians can sign-in and sign-out of swim meets.

News articles

News stories are easy to add, edit, and manage with the Articles module on Off the Blocks.

RSS feeds

Major swim sites (such as USA Swimming) offer "news feeds". These can be placed on your site and automatically updated.

Off the Blocks strives to be compatible with with other software swim clubs might use. For example, you may use Quickbooks to invoice or club management software to track swimmers. You can export swimmers or parents from this kind of software to keep your OTB website and these programs consistent. Some clubs also use various swimming sources such as news from USA swimming that they wish to display on their website. That kind of function is easy to do in OTB.

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