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Swim Team Website Template and Design Options

Want a professional looking website for any size swim club? Off the Blocks offers a wide variety of ways to have an appropriate design for your swim team website:

Free Design Templates available on
the Off The Blocks Website
1 - Off The Blocks has created about 50 simple, original designs for use by swim teams and swim clubs. They are 800 pixels wide, a size that can be viewed on nearly all but handheld devices.  Each is available in ~23 colors which means there are over 1000 to choose from. Most of these designs will automatically include your team name on the top of every page. These design templates are available for Off the Blocks websites at no additional charge.

We can easily enhance most these designs.  For example, most of these designs can be made wider so they use more of today's higher resolution monitors. Most of these designs permit us to embed your team logo or add a background image (however some may not have a space large enough to accommodate your logo and team name). These are low cost ways to enhance a design and personalize it for your team.

By the way, you can start with one of these designs and then change to a different design whenever you want.

Let us adapt your present design
or use one you select from an
online template website.

Option 2 - If you don't really want to use one of our free designs, another cost effective solution is to obtain a design from an online template service. Some are free (though many are not). It will take us a little time to integrate one of these into the Off the Blocks system. Note that it is much easier to adapt a design that is already "cut-up" or "sliced". Here are some websites that offer designs (and you can use online search engines to find more):


Option 3 - If you already have a web design, we can integrate part or perhaps all of it into the OTB system. Cost depends on how long it takes us to do the conversion. Many swim clubs that like their current design have liked this option.


Custom designs by
nHarmony, Inc.

Option 4 - Want a unique design? Let us create a new, unique, custom design for your team. We can use photos of your facility, swimmers, etc or we can obtain professional images (typically for a fee). We can adapt your logo, add motion, and create other special effects. Note that handles all custom work.

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