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OTB main navigation system does not (currently) have sub-navigation pop-outs or drop-downs. However, you can create sub-navigation a couple of ways.  Two are illustrated on this page.  One option is to use a table to create a sub-navigation system. First create the pages you want linked to the subnavigation, but do not include them in navigation. Then, on one of them, create a sub-navigation table  like this and add it to one or all of the pages:

(links with descriptions - horizontally arranged)
(links with descriptions
and images)
(links arranged in columns)
(links with description and images)

A second option is to create a links page as your subnavigation and link to the pages within your website:  For example (using links with descriptions underneath):

First Link

This is a description of the First Link. 

My Second Link

Of course, descriptions can be fairly long if you really need them to be.  Just make sure they aren't jibberish list this: Phasellus diam tellus, ornare at elementum in, commodo sit amet nisi. Donec suscipit, ipsum at laoreet fermentum, lectus arcu dignissim quam, nec sollicitudin lectus lorem id nisi.

Third Link

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