The Off the Blocks software has pre-built components for displaying rosters as

  • names
  • names with descriptions
  • names and pictures
  • names with pictures and descriptions
Templates were created for 2, 4, and 6, names per row for each of these options.  An example is below.  Elements are clickable to get a popup of all the information about each swimmer.  (But there are other ways to put a roster in OTB as shown below.)

Option 2 - Flex Module and type team members (add picts or other features that you style and control)

Sophie Knoll
Emily Reardon
Alicia Margello
Andrew Hunter
Erin Groves
Ali Swafford
Chloe Farmer
Waldo Founder
B. Smith

Option 3 - Flex module with link to html page(s) created by Team Manager or another program


(generated using Hytek Team Manager ... Team > Print > Athlete Roster > Email ... I chose html 3.2 format.

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